What We Do

We often say that no two of our Projects are the same. This helps make us uniquely qualified to execute Projects of varying difficulty, and across many different Markets, including the below:

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Whether it’s a large addition or new build, or a complicated multi-phased renovation, Summit has extensive experience with Health Care construction and the attention to detail required to execute Projects successfully. We have an acute awareness of the precision required to satisfy the required tolerances of imaging equipment, as well as the communication and coordination skills required to work with Project stakeholders. Infection Prevention is paramount in all Health Care construction, but particularly in renovation work dealing with a functioning facility. Summit utilizes the latest techniques to ensure the associated risk is minimized.

Summit has also executed several Behavioral Health projects for Health Care networks, or for other specialized providers. Understanding the nuances of this type of construction is critical for its effectiveness for the end user and treated population.

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Summit has completed a variety of Multifamily projects, ranging from Affordable Housing, to Student Housing, to Senior Assisted/Independent Living.  Often, these Projects incorporate a Mixed-use component, whereas a Retail component might be added within a portion of the Multifamily build.  This usually means working with multiple Clients, as the Mixed-use tenant is a different entity from the overall Project.  Organization, communication, and coordination are critical in these scenarios.

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Summit has been involved in Industrial Construction since its founding.  Whether it’s complicated process piping projects, manufacturing facilities, or large distribution warehouses, we have the capability and versatility to execute.

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For many years, Summit was the contractor for Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We partnered with IMS to complete all maintenance projects, barrier upgrades and relocations, garages, stands, etc. This culminated in the construction of the iconic Pagoda Tower. We are very proud of our work at IMS, as well as the other parks, pools, recreation centers, etc. that we’ve participated in through the years.

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Senior Living

Senior Living has become one of Summit’s primary markets. We have worked on Hospice and PACE projects for Health Care networks, as well as Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care facilities for other groups.

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Summit provides construction services on a variety of Educational Projects. These include Private, K-12, and Higher Ed at different institutions. Understanding how to coordinate work safely on an active campus is critical on these projects. We have also completed numerous projects for various Religious organizations.